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Just like heating systems, organs, emergency lighting and roof alarms it’s important that church AV systems are serviced regularly. 
Whether a whine, humm or flicker, if an issue develops with an AV system it can be very distracting to worship.  We recommend regular preventative maintenance to ensure issues can be preempted and resolved with minimal disruption and cost.

Our maintenance visits include:
Equipment Testing - Cable Inspection - Remedial Action - Re-Calibration - Equipment Cleaning

Fault Finding & Diagnosis - Refresher training - PAT Testing

What are the options?

We provide a number of maintenance options to support our customers, including Pay As You Go and 3 or 5-year maintenance plans. 
All plans include the same excellent level of service, the only difference between them is that a discount is given based on the duration of the plan, so the longer you stick with us, the more cost-effective your regular maintenance becomes.

Please choose one of the following plans:


Annual payment for 5 years

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